Hellraid has “infinite replayability” with GameMaster

In an interview with VG247, Techland‘s Marcin Kruczkiewicz, who’s currently Hellraid‘s producer, declared that game has “almost infinite replayability” thanks to the Game Master.

This is meant to be a similar system to Left 4 Dead’s AI Director; in Marcin’s words,

It provides players with new experiences when they re-enter a level to complete sidequests or replay a mission in co-op

The Game Master will spawn different sets and types of enemies, also placing loot and treasure maps differently each time. While playing co-op, it will also take care of randomly generating competitive challenges between you and your friends.

Hellraid currently does not have a release date. It’s targeting PC, PS3 and X360 for its launch, although Kruczkiewicz mentioned that a port on PS4/XB1 is entirely possible.

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