Tetsuya Nomura on Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3

During the Japan Expo, french website Finaland was able to interview Tetsuya Nomura, Director of both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 at Square Enix.

Here’s some of the most important tidbits:


  •  Heavily involved in KH3’s development compared to other games he helps make.
  • Doesn’t go into detail about what licenses he can and can’t put into Disney but there are restrictions to which licenses he can use. It would be great if they could add Star Wars stuff, though.
  •  They have the actual clothes of each character in the office that was designed by Roen so they can faithfully recreate the clothes design in the game and CG cutscenes.
  •  Nomura admits he’s not very good at managing his time so that’s why they have “more intelligent” people on the team making sure the games are on schedule
  • He says that between all the characters he helped create, Sora and Noctis are his favorites.
  • No motorbike for Noctis and crew. More vehicles to be announced later. Car and Magitek armor still in.
  • Nomura says Stella’s design has changed a little to make her look “prettier”, rather than younger.
  • He says that having a “girl playable” would be quite difficult, though he does not explain why.
  • They haven’t decided yet whether to keep Noctis’ “red eyes” or not, since they can’t really be seen during actual gameplay.
  • Dual audio? Ask Square Enix. But probably not because of disk capacity and two of the same CG scenes would be put on the disk because of Japanese and Engish lip syncing in both scenes.
  • Earlier, when the game was branded as Versus XII, the game was supposed to be over if Noctis died, but it hasn’t been decided yet if this will be kept now.

That’s it for now. Are you more hyped for Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know below!

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