Liege stretch goals focus on gameplay, new reward tier

Coda Games developer John Rhee promised stretch goals shortly after his tactical RPG Liege blew past its funding goal on Kickstarter. And oh, what goals they are. Rather than focusing on more platforms as Kickstarter game projects often do, he plans on adding more gameplay elements and additional play sequences which are sure to enhance the game’s story as well as overall experience.


Here is what’s on the table and their funding levels:


Mounts @ $24,000 – Ride horses throughout the kingdom and into combat! Exlplore the realm on horseback, and unlock dynamic new tactics in battle!


Ships, Ports & The Sea @ $32,000 – Travel through busy port areas and by seas between the kingdom’s coastal cities on big, beautifully detailed ships!


Bigger Battles @ $40,000 – Command soldiers in epic, larger scale battles against enemy armies. These will use the same mechanics as the smaller battles in the rest of the game, but with higher stakes and on a much bigger scale!


Linux Support @ $45,000 – Engine updates to support Linux.


The Burning City @ $50,000 – An elaborate, multi-stage playable sequence at a pivotal moment in the story, where one of the Kingdom’s great cities falls after a prolonged battle. This was scaled back due to its size, but meeting this goal gets the scene implemented as it was first imagined!


Art v2.0 @ $60,000 – A complete overhaul of how characters and environment art are handled. MUCH smoother animations, an upgrade from 8-directional to full 360 degree movement, and improved, higher resolution environments.


Sure, Linux support is a stretch goal and Rhee has stated that he is in talks with Nintendo and Sony, but with such a focus on gameplay, players  will be the main beneficiaries if these goals are met. In addition to these stretch goals, Rhee has added a new $50 pledge tier dubbed the “Alpha Set” essentially giving backers at this level double the $25 pledge reward, access to the alpha build and more.


At the time of this post, Liege is less than $4,000 away from mounts. Any tactical RPG fans out there who love horses?


Check out our previous coverage on Liege for more information on the game. Interested in funding the project? Make sure to visit Liege‘s Kickstarter page.


Full disclosure, Francisco is a backer of this project.

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  • Machtkampf

    I really hope they don’t reach that last goal. The thing I fell in love with was how it was shown right now.

    • FSThree

      I’d want to see what it looks like, but, I get where you’re coming from. I value gameplay before graphics.


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