Rhee reaches out to Nintendo and Sony, promises more stretch goals for Liege

In reaction to Liege‘s Kickstarter campaign blowing past its goal in just four days, developer John Rhee has reached out Nintendo and Sony with the interest of porting the title onto more platforms. He also placed Liege on Steam’s Greenlight which is open for voting now. The Coda Games developer doesn’t want to stop at bringing the title to more platforms, however, and has promised more stretch goals forthcoming.


When Worlds Factory Network first caught up with Liege, the project had just hit 28% of it’s Kickstarter goal and all signs were pointing to a quick rise in support. Now that the project is at 130% at the time of this post and 585 backers strong, it seems that sky’s the limit for Rhee. And it is a wonder how he gets the work in as he is steadily providing updates as well as responding to comments at a high clip.


Despite the positive distractions, the focus for Liege will still be game quality, as it should. Said Rhee,


With the target goal met, my focus will be shifting from getting the game made, to getting it made with the best possible production values and for as wide an audience as possible. I’ll be announcing some stretch goals in the next few days, with a focus on increasing the quality of the game’s art and sound assets, scaling up specific scenes and locations, and porting to additional platforms.


Full disclosure, Francisco is a backer of Liege’s Kickstarter campaign.

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