Atari founder says Microsoft screwed up

In an interview with VG247, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked how Microsoft screwed up with their Xbox One reveal, in his opinion.

They totally screwed it up. When I heard some of the announcements and the analysis of it, I’m shaking my head and saying, ‘What in the hell were they thinking?’ Of course that wasn’t going to go down well.

Bushnell cited piracy as one of the reasons Microsoft originally went with their infamous DRM policy, citing China as an example.

They want to sell Office as a service. They want it all to be in the cloud, they want to rent you stuff, not sell you. And when you look at some of the things about systems and procedures, they really don’t like software as an object because it’s too easy to get it ripped off.

In the back of their mind they look at a billion Chinese people, and they sell less software there than a small town in Texas.

What do you think? Was that truly Microsoft’s reason?

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  • dafuzz

    Dontr really care. It was still a very very dumb move. And they will suffer for it sales-wise.

  • Paul Gbel

    was buying xbox one but after reveal buying ps4, it affected this sale atleast.

    • Guest

      Looks at comment history…sure Paul. Pauper!


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