Unity wins

One company is aiming to reap the benefits no matter what next-gen console gamers buy. That company is Unity. Announced Thursday at Microsoft’s Build Conference, Unity has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to support the Xbox One among other Microsoft platforms, including Kinect and Smart Glass.


Recall earlier this year, they announced their partnership with Sony, and it is still less than a year ago that they went into agreement with Nintendo. With the proliferation Unity, their engine is gearing to rival the likes of Unreal and Frostbite.


This is not to say that Unity is just getting onto the gaming scene. There are thousands of titles out today powered by the engine. Albeit, with the WiiU, PS4, and now Xbox One, expect to see more of that box logo when booting up games on your new console.


Said David Helgason, CEO of Unity,


Everywhere we look, we see original, hand-crafted, fun and immersive experiences created by [developers]. That vision of democratizing game development always underlies what we do, and I’m thrilled that the collaboration with Microsoft delivers more ease and more oomph for [developers] to bring [their] games (and other work) to yet new places and new audiences.


Shall Unity be the one engine to rule them all?


By Francisco H. Salanga III (24 Posts)

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