Liege hits 28% of goal in a day

Developer John Rhee has a lot to be excited about. Less than a day has passed since he revealed tactical RPG Liege and its Kickstarter, and the project has already hit 28% of its goal at the time of this post. At this rate, the game will meet its goal and then some with plenty of time to spare before the kickstarter ends on July 28. When asked about the positive response to his project, Rhee said, ” I’m completely thrilled! It’s really a great feeling to have something I’ve put so much into backed by so many people.”


Rhee, of Coda Games, has been working on the project for more than two years. He only started feeding the world peeks at the art and development back in March.


As for what gamers have to look forward to if they fund the game, three simple descriptors say it all — Story, Tactics, and Art. Rhee explains,


My goal with Liege is to create a unique blend of rich, compelling narrative and interesting tactical gameplay. This project is about evolving the classic JRPG format for a modern and maturing audience, and helping to push the limits of where games can be taken as a storytelling format.


Top down, tactical gameplay with handrawn art style and story based combat. If that tickles your fancy, dropping some coin down for Liege may be a good decision. Need more? Check out the video below and don’t forget to visit Liege‘s Kickstarter site.

By Francisco H. Salanga III (24 Posts)

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