Alienware: Next-gen consoles prove PC importance

Alienware‘s general manager Frank Azor, speaking with PCGamesN, said that the shift towards PC-like tech in next generation consoles makes the PC the primary gaming platform.

If you look at what Sony and Microsoft are doing, they’re taking PCs and putting them into the living room. It’s an AMD CPU, it’s an AMD graphics card, it’s a standard desktop hard drive. It’s unbelievable.

That tells you that the PC is the gaming platform of choice out there, there is nothing out there that’s better. You look at what they’re trying to do and they’re becoming more and more like PCs

Azor mentioned that consoles are moving towards installing games, downloading them and integrating TV – just like the PC already did.

You’re installing games now instead of running them off the disc, because that’s the right thing to do; you’re downloading games digitally, which we’ve been doing on PC for years; they’re integrating certain TV aspects and stuff, well, ten years ago we started experimenting with media centre.

I mean we can tell you how to do that on Alienware with media centre PCs during that whole time. It’s a little bit different now because the technology has matured considerably, but a lot of the innovations and things that are proven on the PC are making their ways onto consoles and the consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day

Finally, he pointed out that the biggest games in the industry have long been available on PC.

Look at the most widely played games out there, League of Legends, World of Tanks,” he said. “I mean these are the most widely played games in terms of hours played in the industry. And up until this week those were exclusive PC titles.


There used to be a saying in the industry: “PC gaming is dying”. Well, in the last few years this has proven to be false multiple times and it’s hard not to agree with Azor: it’s clear that consoles are becoming more and more similar to PCs.

Can they become too similar, though? What do you think?

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