The Witness is an adventure without the bad parts

Or at least, that’s what The Witness‘ creator, Jonathan Blow, stated recently in an interview with Eurogamer.



I’m taking the structure of a classical adventure game, but getting rid of all the things that are terrible about adventure games. I think we can make games interesting in more ways than just challenge. We can make them interesting through what happens.


Blow is however quite wary of implementing traditional rewards.

There are a lot of psychological studies that say explicit rewards demotivate you from the rest of the game. If you have a game that’s about getting loot, and you’re fighting monsters to get loot, you end up not necessarily being interested in fighting monsters for its own sake, you just want loot.

As a game designer, I’m very careful about that. With this game I’m trying to do a lot of things about communication, and about having these moments of epiphany, understanding the world you’re in.


The Witness, announced during the PlayStation Meeting in February (during which the PlayStation 4 reveal occurred), will debut on PlayStation 4 first. Blow is a major fan of Sony‘s policy towards indie developers:

Right downstairs, there’s just a ton of them.It’s easy to go, ‘Hey, we like indies,’ but E3 floor space is not cheap.

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