Bioshock Infinite DLC released

The first Bioshock Infinite DLC has been finally released; entitled Columbia’s Finest, this piece of downloadable content will be adding six new gear items, five extra lock picks, 500 golden eagles and two new weapon upgrades. Regardless if you have the season pass or not, you will have to pay $5 for this pack as it isn’t one of the major story related DLC, which will be coming out sooner or later, but is rather an easy way to get all the pre-order bonuses you might have missed out.


Granted, this is probably not what you were expecting as the first DLC for what could be a game of the year contender, however game director Ken Levine tweeted that the story-related DLC is being worked on and is shaping up well, however making games takes a lot of time, and this DLC is no exception.


We still don’t know when exactly we can expect to further expand our adventure with Booker in Columbia, however this DLC may be just what you need to get you back in the mood to play through Bioshock Infinite once more.

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