Star Citizen the top crowdfunded project of all time

Cloud Imperium Games has announced today (and I expect, with a lot of pride) that Star Citizen, the upcoming space simulator with MMO elements by Chris Roberts (the man behind Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer), is officially the top crowdfunded project of all time, having surpassed the previous record ($ 10,266,844) of Pebble Watch.

Right now the total amount of pledge is $ 10,664,502, but you can still pledge on their official website.


The developers also took the time to clarify that every asset used in the latest trailer (attached below) is absolutely in-game and the spaceship mesh is the same one players will witness while playing Star Citizen. The game is scheduled to enter alpha (for backers only) at the end of this year, while in August they will release a hangar module which will allow players to do some ship modifications.

At the moment, the game is aimed towards a PC release only.

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