Liam Neeson will star in Taken 3 for a huge budget

How much can an action saga based on the kidnapping theme last before going ridiculous? We can’t answer that, but we know for sure that 20th Century Fox has done everything to get action star Liam Neeson back for a Taken 3, like sealing a huge $20 million deal to reprise his role as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills.


The Studios reports that next big efforts will be to make deals with Maggie Grace, who played Neeson’s daughter and Famke Janssen, his ex-wife.


Both director and plot are still a mystery, but we hope that the story is able to offer us some new plotline this time.


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  • Cassidy S.

    If is wife and daughter are not ALSO b a d a s s killers for the THIRD go round… I have no interest. It would admittedly be VERY corny, but Come on…. who is gonna kidnap this guys family AGAIN?


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