Microsoft investing $700 million $ for cloud

According to a report by GamesIndustry, it looks like Microsoft is investing $700 million for a new data center in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. This facility will help meet the growing demand for cloud computing services and Xbox Live.


Microsoft promised 300,000 servers for Xbox One launch (scheduled for November) and it seems dedicated to deliver them.

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  • kevin carey

    The way you worded this, it appears you think they’re just now starting work on the “promised 300,000 servers”, with this $700 million investment. Fact is, Windows Azure (their cloud server infrastructure) was initiated in 2008, and implemented in 2010…with an initial investment of over $1 BILLION. This is “just” another major expansion, but not in any way an indicator of where they stand with said “promise”.

    • Alessio Palumbo

      Not at all. I merely mentioned that this investment is another clear effort over the intent of delivering that promise.

      • kevin carey

        And you still say “intent”…like it hasn’t happened. You do realize they couldn’t build, test, and integrate a new sever farm into Azure in time for XBONE’s launch don’t you? The “promised 300,000 servers” already exists….and then some. The original farm, in Chicago (from 3 years ago), had that much capacity, and they’ve already expanded to Virginia, Ireland , and Wash. State. (that I know of….maybe others).

        • Hussain Naseem

          You are assuming that all of microsoft’s cloud infrastructure is geared towards providing better services on the xbox. MS however have a number of other cloud services that would benefit much more from Azure. factor into this the number of office 365 subscriptions all of which run via the cloud.

          • Alessio Palumbo

            That is true, there are other cloud services in the infrastructure but Xbox Live seems to be quite important in Microsoft’s plans.

    • Festano

      Maybe you did not read well what I wrote

      • kevin carey

        More accurately, you did not write well what is there to be read. But hey, you’re just another “gaming journalist” trying to make a few $$ off hits/ads. I shouldn’t be so critical.


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