Quantum Break is tied with a TV show

Remedy‘s creative director and writer, Sam Lake, explained to GameInformer how Quantum Break is going to be tied into a TV show.

We’re trying to create this immersive, fictional world in the game. Live-action has already been part of our experiences for a while. We want to push that further. It just feels somehow natural when talking about stories. The earlier steps were baby steps into that direction, and this is a bigger leap. We want to explore these possibilities.

What you get when you buy the game is essentially the first season of Quantum Break. That includes the whole game and the whole show. They are connected in many different ways. The idea is that you get this deeper entertainment experience and they are interwoven, so we are aiming to get the perfect TV show-model pacing. So you play an episode of the game, you do certain junction points and choices along the way, and once you get to the end, we unlock an episode of the show.

You get to watch it and see the consequences of the choices you’ve made in the game. Then you see glimpses of other stuff that helps you in the game, it gives you further information about certain things as well as clues how to unlock even further material. And then once again you get to play another episode of the game and it goes like that.

I wonder if there is really a “TV” show though, since his wording would imply that an episode of the show is only “unlocked” after completing a certain part of the game. Anyway, Lake added that players will be able to skip an episode of the show and keep playing the game, perhaps going back to watch the show later.

Quantum Break is slated for a 2014 release only on Xbox One, although with Remedy I wouldn’t be surprised if the game released on PC a year or two later.


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