Rezzed 2013: The PC and Indie Games Show is this weekend in Birmingham UK!

This Saturday sees the start of Rezzed 2013, a show dedicated to PC and Indie gaming, and the show is looking to be a huge hit, with exhibitioners as diverse and important as Sega, Obsidian Entertainment, Ubisoft and Team17.

Rezzed 2012 was a huge success, and Rezzed 2013 looks be even bigger and better. With the NEC being the stage they’ve selected, Rezzed are allowing an extra 6,000 people into the event, over last year’s 4,000, meaning there’s 10,000 potential spots over both Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of June.

This year, Rezzed is giving host to a huge variety of upcoming titles, including much anticipated titles such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Total War: Rome II, Planetside 2, Ghost Recon Online, instant cult-classic Surgeon Simulator 2013 and many more.


Highlights of the show are set to be Obsidian’s Project Eternity, which broke Kickstarter records, and Dean Hall displaying the highly anticipated Day Z standalone.

Rupert Loman, Founder and CEO of Gamer Network had this to say:

Rezzed 2012 was a wonderful mix of high-profile, big-budget titles and quirky indie games, which helped foster an incredible atmosphere. We were delighted to enable UK gamers to get hands-on for the first time with blockbusters such as Borderlands 2 while also acting as a springboard for indie games such as Hotline Miami, the NEC in Birmingham allows us to replicate this success while enabling an extra 6,000 gamers to attend the event.

Those of you interested in attending Rezzed, which is hosted courtesy of Gamer Network and RockPaperShotgun, should visit the official Rezzed website for more information and tickets.

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