DualShock 4 praised by multiple sources

During E3, many press members were able to try the next-generation consoles and obviously one of the interesting topics is that of the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. In particular, it seems like the new DualShock 4 gained many positive reports: Jeff Cannata, a regular on Shacknews’ video games podcast, went as far as saying that it is much better than the Xbox One controller.

Let me say this, the controller for the PS4 is sublime, far better than the Xbox One controller. I’m a little disappointed to be honest with the Xbox One controller. The bumper buttons in particular are actually more difficult to hit with my fingers than they used to be on the 360. I find it to be smaller and much more cramped and the triggers don’t feel as good

The triggers on the PS4 controller are awesome! It’s super cool. It just feels so comfortable in the hand, the bumpers are nice, the triggers are SO nice, it’s got rumble on two sides, it is just a great controller

Even Penny Arcade’s Ben Kuchera loved it, to the point of drawing quite a few hyperboles:

The PlayStation 4 controller may be the best thing since sliced bread. It’s hard to measure the controller against its peers without having a variety of controllers right next to each other, but the DualShock 4 feels larger in my hand, with a much more rounded design where you grip the controller. It’s also slightly heavier, and the overall design rests against the natural curves of your hand in a much more natural way.

The triggers are likewise more comfortable, curving slightly inward to hold your finger. The buttons and D-pad likely have some subtle distinctions between the Dual Shock 4 and the previous PlayStation 3 controllers, but I couldn’t tell much of a difference. The analog sticks have a cupped design and a firmer feel; I never had the sense my thumb was going to slide off. I was able to try a hands-on demo of the upcoming Playstation 4 Killzone title, and in that game you swipe the touchpad to switch between different secondary powers. The action felt accessible and effective, and you can click down on the pad as well, just as you would the touchpad on your laptop.

Well, I can’t wait to try it for myself, that’s for sure. Gamescom cannot come soon enough!

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