Xbox One vs PS4, who won the E3?

Just a few hours ago, the biggest publishers in the world showed their upcoming games at the respective E3 conferences. There were some absolutely amazing games on display, which is good news for each gamer out there, and I believe it’s safe to say that this generation already looks better than the last one, at least when compared to the lackluster first year of Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.


However, it is doubtless that the spotlight was pointed at Microsoft and Sony, since both giants are releasing a next-generation console this year and the real match is Xbox One vs PS4. After the announcements of both, the latter had a clear advantage in the minds of hardcore gamers as it seemed to focus more on games, not to mention that it looked like it did not feature any excessive DRM policy; which Sony just confirmed yesterday to a cheering public.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both had their prices announced yesterday as well, with the former priced at 499$/€ vs 399$/€ of the latter, probably because of the mandatory Kinect integration. Clearly these two are easy scores for Sony, and I’ll add that personally I was already leaning more towards PlayStation 4. Does that mean that PlayStation 4 is already the winner to me and that I’m convinced to buy one at launch? Not exactly.

dead rising 3_1

You see, consoles are after all about games, and Microsoft delivered completely on that regard yesterday. They had an impressive showing, with Ryse from Crytek, Forza Motorsport 5 from Turn 10 and Dead Rising 3 from Capcom all looking great, plus quite a few surprises as well, such as Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games (the makers of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series, which is a direct blow to Sony), Crimson Dragon from Panzer Dragoon/Phantom Dust creator, and most of all the comeback of Killer Instinct from Rare. There were also a couple of teasers for Halo 5 and the new Black Tusk game, plus Quantum Break which is still a mystery to me, but I can’t really fault Remedy’s track record: I have faith the game will deliver.


Unfortunately, Sony couldn’t quite match the surprise. They had a quick montage of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Knack and Infamous: Second Son, confirming that the first three will be launching with the console later this year, but Infamous was perhaps the most interesting  of them and it got delayed to Q1 2014. Sure, there was some great Square Enix stuff for those who love JRPGs with the Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement, but I was never much of a genre fan to be honest.

What was left, then? The Order 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn. This looks like it could be really interesting, but it was just teased. Overall, I am much more confused after the conferences than I thought I could be; Microsoft and Sony traded blows like fighters in a death-like match, but it is far from over, unlike some may think. In fact, expect many more announcements and surprises in the upcoming months, especially during Gamescom.

Speaking of multiplatform titles, I’ve seen some pretty great stuff yesterday. On Electronic Arts‘s front, Battlefield 4 looked exceptionally strong in the unexpected live multiplayer 64-player match; Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare was announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One; Mirror’s Edge 2, Star Wars: Battlefront and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition short trailers filled gamers with hope although they are still a way off, but Respawn’s Titanfall rose amongst all, if not for graphics (it’s using Source Engine), at least for the great multiplayer action shown, with parkour moves, mech fights and solid gunplay. The game will be available this Spring for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.


Ubisoft didn’t hold back either, focusing on quality over quantity. Watch Dogs was demonstrated once again and it’s always a pleasure, but then the rumored racing game by Reflections was announced: it’s The Crew, a MMO-like game with the entire USA as the playable map. Racers will be able to collaborate and compete seamlessly. It looked and sounded good. But the real surprise, just like Watch Dogs last year, was without a doubt The Division, which is also my Game of the Show so far.

With some incredible graphics to boot, this is an online third person shooter with RPG elements set in a post-apocalyptic version of our world. Players will be able to fight seamlessly AI and enemy players. Needlessly to say, I can’t wait to hear more about this even though no date was announced, so my guess is that we won’t be playing it any soon.


Finally, there was one game whispered and talked about since years now: Destiny. Bungie’s creation revealed itself for the first time with a full blown gameplay demo and it looked simply awesome, both visually and in terms of gameplay. The player on stage was joined by a friend in his mission to infiltrate a facility, but then all of a sudden a public event appeared and many other players swarmed in. Destiny, published by Activision, will release in 2014.


My Top #3 so far:

  1. The Division
  2. Destiny
  3. Titanfall

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  • Dynasty2021

    This is pathetic.

    The Xbox One is:

    – Less powerful
    – More expensive
    – Has ridiculous DRM

    You know what, I can’t be arsed to list everything.

    Sony’s PS4 is EVERYTHING gamers want, Xbox One has NOTHING gamers want.

    How in all that is holy has Xbox won?

    • Jay Y. Diagana

      couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Alessio Palumbo

      Unfortunately, you are heavily misinformed. There is no way that Killer Instinct could ever come to PS4, seeing as Rare was bought by Microsoft many years ago. Also, Dead Rising 3 has been officially confirmed as exclusive for Xbox One; it may come elsewhere later, sure, but we don’t know that right now.

      Also, your reading comprehension must fail pretty hard if you think this is a “Xbox One fanboy” article. I’ve been psyched about PlayStation 4 since the reveal and I was even ready to preorder it yesterday; also Microsoft’s terrible DRM policy and decision to include Kinect in the console (thus making the price higher) have been major gripes of mine, and until yesterday I had no intent whatsoever in buying Xbox One. You can see that yourself by clicking on the “Where did the original Xbox innovation go?” article suggested above in the “You may like….” section – I’ve written that just after the Xbox One reveal.

      I mentioned all these facts in the article. However, I stand by the fact that yesterday Microsoft objectively showed more interesting exclusives; many people honestly said that their show was strong, because it was. Sony’s show, on the other hand, was underwhelming in terms of new exclusives, although perhaps it can be attributed to the rumors that want more announcements due for Gamescom/TGS, but then again Microsoft already said that they’ll have new announcements ready as well.
      This is why I’ve said that it’s far from over. PS4 had a clear advantage until yesterday but in the “E3 conferences” fight, in my opinion Microsoft won. The war will go ahead for long time, anyway.

      • Dynasty2021

        To say that implies the exclusives were what was going to cause one company to win over the other.

        They weren’t.

        “Just wait until E3, the games will be the deciding factor” was just a BS excuse given by online sites like IGN, that have clearly been paid off by MS to say good things about their CLEARLY inferior product.

        2 seconds with Google will show, and even the reactions at E3, that the biggest cheers are coming from the no DRM, no internet connection and our ability to share new games approach from Sony.

        The single, biggest cheer came from Sony saying “No DRM”.

        Microsoft could have had the best games around. Buy you can’t dress up a rotting corpse.

        It’s the victory over DRM that we’re happy most about.

        Besides, most of the great games shown at E3 are multi-platform, and Sony have had far better exclusives over the past 2 or 3 years than Microsoft have.

        • Alessio Palumbo

          Exclusives have been for long time the defining factor of consoles. However, it is true that Microsoft took the wrong path with DRM. Perhaps the backlash they’re getting now could eventually lead them to reduce the limitations, or at least I hope so for gamers’ sake.

          I also wish they would have a 399 console without Kinect, as I have no use for it.

      • rudero

        A. Rare is not doing killer instinct. Another studio is.
        B. not impressed with anything xbone had. Their history does not interest me. Heck, two of the exclusives were supposed to be 360 exclusives.
        Sure, they (key word here) finally show games at a e3 and then people are like yes. Forgetting the past. I mean, really?! We are going to count halo but we all know it is not out till next fall… I have a strong feeling Sony, which already is known for their exclusives, will have announced more by then.
        I mean…. Ooooo teased halo…. Now we wait till next e3 to see more details. Come on.

    • Festano

      I honestly do not see this fanboy to microsoft. Author has highlighted the positive and negative things of the two consoles

    • Le Baller

      Excuse me sir you sound mad let me break down your whole argument.


      Yes Xbox One is less powerful very valid…but I must say specs only get you so far. I mean people still play COD and it’s crap. I think game engines and art style really determine the beauty of a game.

      DRM and the slew of other M$ bombs do bother me no argument.

      The games argument is very valid you are misinformed because M$ clearly stated exclusives and you know nothing of Xbox clearly you don’t seem to delve that deep into both platforms only PS brands. Xbox had a machine gun full of games clearly dominated E3 in that aspect of things. Ryse, DR3, KI3, Spark, QB, Halo, Forza, Max, Sunset,…c’mon that’s not good…really…that sounds great.

      You sound very offended and clearly you and the internet act like you were molested by M$. Say one good thing about M$ get 100 dislikes, say something nice about Sony get 100 likes no matter how logical or illogical the argument. To say Sony steam rolled is not correct but they did surf the internet wave.

      To add my points M$ had a better E3 but unfortunately the stigma of DRM and so will ride on their back. All Sony did was mention 2 or 3 exclusives and multiplats hell they even talked about TV can you believe that. I thought they were gonna fall flat because this is still not their strongest showing but will appreciate them for no DRM, used game support etc. Other than that M$ won E3 but Sony won the internet.

      Again to each their own.

      One more point I work at GameStop and we sold out in our district of Xbox One Pre-Orders, so…is it really RIP for Xbox?


    Getting both, but I do spend more time on my 360 than ps3 just saying

  • gamerguy

    This is not even up for discussion – unless you’re expecting an answer from mildly retarded patriotic morons!

    • John Joe Silver

      or you know the DRM and 24 hour check in don’t affect you, then it goes to what exclusives each have and these exclusives usually decide what consoles people buy

  • Common Sense

    PRISM… NSA… BACKDOORS… yeah microsoft sucks… now just think they want an eye and an ear in every house… and you fools are buying it.


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