Saints Row IV Trailer Released

Volition has just released the new Saints Row IV trailer, and it’s one of the strangest yet most wonderful things you’ll ever see.

Volition has gone for a president superhero fighting aliens locked in a computer world, so they quite clearly went all out with insanity and comedy – and this is why we love the game. The  game is to feature an 18 rating in the UK from PEGI, but is currently unrated in the US, so a more mature game is clearly out of the question (as we can see in the trailer).

The game features old and new characters, including: The President of the United States, Pierce Washington, Kinzie Kensington, Shaundi, Shaundi (that’s right, two of them), Asha Odekar, Keith David (as Keith David) and Benjamin “MotherF*****G” King. Saints Row IV looks to be another hit with its’ fans.


The game will arrive on the 20th of August for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, so get ready for “the most dramatic Saints Row game ever”.

By James Graham (8 Posts)

Fanatic (despite uselessness) of gaming and tech in general. I have the majority of Nintendo consoles, along with the Xbox consoles and a PS2, although Crazy Taxi remains my favourite game after over a decade.

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  • James Graham

    As you can obviously see, I’m extremely excited for Saints Row IV. I’ve always been a big fan and as long as they keep up the personalisation aspects to go with the clear insanity, the game should go down as one of my favourites.


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