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For the past 12 years many people, myself included, have been enamored with the life and times of Sookie Stackhouse.  When we were first introduced to Sookie in Dead Until Dark, she was for all intents and purposes an outcast.  She was content being a waitress at Merlotte’s and doing her best to blend in with the “ordinary” people, although she was anything but ordinary.  As the series progressed we saw Sookie begin to accept herself, and accept that even she would be able to find love, and the final installment of Charlaine Harris’ series is no different, as we’ll find out in this Dead Ever After review.


Most loyal readers of the series wanted closure on many things in Sookie’s life.  Did Dead Ever After do that for us?  The answer is yes and no.

Charlaine Harris does try to give readers everything they want.  We all want Sookie to find love.  We all want character resolution to questions that have been hanging in the air for years; however we want them to make sense.


Dead Ever After begins with the back story of a double mystery.  Two different sets of people, who we already know, are out to get our beloved waitress.  The big problem is that after their introductions the story begins to lag.

What we do get out of the first two thirds of the book is a lot of character resolution though.  Just about everyone Sookie has ever met comes back in one way or another, and just when she needs them the most.  With all of the characters suddenly popping up the plot lines become very thin.  Too many of the characters only popped up for brief appearances, and only to basically say “Sookie I’m here for you and here is my happy ending”.  Charlaine also wraps up every suitor we have ever seen.

“The fate of Eric and Sookie is exactly what Charlaine Harris told fans it would be”

The big question that most readers have been wondering gets answered in the first two thirds of the book.  Bill and Sookie finally have a true friendship.  Alcide has found another Were who is not crazy, and we even get a very brief glance into Quinn’s life, as an expectant father. We also learn the fate of the torrid relationship between Eric and Sookie.  Is it what most of the readers wanted?  No.  It is however exactly what Charlaine Harris told fans would happen though.

The final third of the book finally brings out the best of what we all love about the series; danger and love.  When the action finally begins, the first of the two mysteries begins to unfold.  Unfortunately, it unravels rather quickly and some key details get lost.  For instance, since we all know that Sookie can read minds, why for the first time can she not read the minds of the strongest broadcasters?

All we know is that Sookie gets injured, and wakes up in the hospital.  She then immediately starts to confront her feelings for the men in her life, and realizes what she really wants.  The problem is even for Sookie, she gets no real time to process everything that is happening to her, before mystery number two begins to unravel.


Most loyal readers can “predict” when Charlaine Harris is about to really make Sookie suffer.  She allows for a glimmer of happiness before she crushes it, and that is exactly how the big finale begins.  We find Sookie line dancing with Jason at a local bar, and then is immediately kidnapped.  She finds herself in a van with two men we have already been introduced to, and a third who was quite unexpected.  The speed was the downfall for this mystery as well.


Within very few pages the mystery is solved and all is well in the Sookieverse.  We are then thrust into Sookie’s happy ending.  Was it really a happy ending? For myself the answer is yes, because it was never about Sookie being happy, it was more about her self acceptance.

By Amanda Ault (1 Posts)

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Overall, though Dead Ever After was not what I had hoped it would be. Charlaine Harris seemed to get away from her normal style of writing, and tried to make too many people happy in less than 400 pages. Knowing that the end was coming, in my opinion, she should have started some of the character resolution in the last book rather than cramming everything into this book, and sacrificing the plot line.
That being said, if you are a Sookie Stackhouse fan you should read Dead Ever After to get the closure that is so needed in a compelling series.

  • Sookie gets a happy ending
  • We see most characters have some sort of resolution
  • Lots of action at the end of the book
  • Thin plot line
  • End of the book moves too fast
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