Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer

The speedy blue furball, who all but disappeared from the gaming world these past few years, is back!  The Sonic Lost World debut trailer hit the web today, showing off Sega’s latest installment in the popular series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Lost World media

Announced earlier this month, at Nintendo Direct, the game will be exclusive for Nintendo platforms, available later this year for WiiU and 3DS.


With gravity mechanics and shifting levels on a spherical world platform, the resemblance to Super Mario Galaxy, a previous Wii success, is noticeable.  Sonic Lost World will feature a free running ability, allowing Sonic to run up walls and across obstacles while the run trigger is pushed.  For those fans of the blue blur’s high speed action, there will be plenty of opportunity to whip through at lightening speed, as well as sequences that slow things down to enhance platforming elements.  A newly unveiled cast of foes, the ‘Deadly Six’, should be a refreshing change from constant battles with Doctor Eggman – in this game Sonic and Doctor Eggman must team up to battle the six deadly villains!

GoNintendo has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of gameplay features for both WiiU and 3DS platforms, found here.


And now, the anticipated Sonic Lost World debut trailer:


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