Double Fine announces Massive Chalice Kickstarter

Double Fine Productions, a San Francisco based games developer, today announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Massive Chalice – a “tactical strategy PC game on an epic fantasy timeline”.

Double Fine, the creators of games like Psychonauts and Brütal Legend, revealed they had an announcement to make yesterday on Twitter, as we reported earlier.  The Kickstarter has pledges ranging from $20 for the game, to $10,000 to be receive an invitation to a Massive Chalice game night.


Massive Chalice sees you play an immortal king “defending his realm from a demonic invasion that has been said will last hundreds of years”.  You’ll be able to control heroes and units (like in Xcom) with Final Fantasy tactics to guide your side to victory. As the game will last several generations (in-game of course) you will have to nurture heroic bloodlines to carry on the war.

The choices will matter hugely in future events, as you may choose to keep your best warrior at home passing his brilliance on to new generations, or you may put him in battle to fight immediately. The game will feature perma-death as a primary feature, with characters ageing and dying in the game (who will then pass on equipment to the next in the bloodline to make them stronger). All these features will be necessary to reforge the Massive Chalice and winning the war.

Double Fine team is looking for $725,000 by June 27th (having reached $115,00 at the time of me writing this), after an already successful Kickstarter with Double Fine Adventure back in March 2012. Double Fine has continuously created some fantastic games in the past, and they look to be doing this once more.

By James Graham (8 Posts)

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    That video is amazing! Check it out, really, it’s hilarious. The game concept sounds quite unique and interesting.

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    Are flying great on Kickstarter !!!


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