New Splinter Cell Blacklist video on Spies vs Mercs

Just a few hours ago, GamerHubTV posted a new Splinter Cell Blacklist video interview with Geoff Ellenor, Level Design Director at Ubisoft Montreal.

splinter cell blacklist_1

The talk focuses on the versus mode, historically known as Spies vs Mercenaries, which makes a comeback with Blacklist. Apparently, players will be able to choose between two different modes, a classic one with darker maps and environments and a “modernized” mode featuring a higher player cap (4 vs 4 instead of 2 vs 2) and wider environments.


Truth be told, Spies versus Mercenaries was an incredibly innovative mode when it launched with Pandora Tomorrow, and improved again with Chaos Theory. I’m crossing fingers that Blacklist can revive some of that unique multiplayer experience. We’ll know more details on the game soon enough, with E3 approaching at high speed.


Splinter Cell Blacklist is scheduled to launch on 20 August in North America and 23 in Europe, for PC, Xbox 360, WiiU and PlayStation 3 platforms.




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