Dishonored The Knife Of Dunwall Review [DLC]

This Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall review is really just an excuse to go back to Dunwall. A very nice prospect, as Dishonored was certainly one of the best video games of this past season, as well as one of the best action games in recent years.  It succeeds in satisfying both the gaming public and the press, concerned less with gameplay and more with the talent French developers Arkane Studios lavished upon their creation.


The story of Corvo Attano has drawn us in, and the incredible possibilities offered by a very open gameplay have thrilled many gamers who finally found a game free from the chains of pre-established binaries. The success of Dishonored is partly because of Dunwall, a majestic decadent city inspired by 19th century Britain, populated by nobles, whalers, street gangs, police, and assassins dedicated to the worship of the Outsider.

dishonored-knife-of-dunwall-daude_1Daude, chief of the assassins and the nightmare of nobles in Dunwall, is the main character of this DLC, where we discover the hidden activity and personality of The Knife of Dunwall.


An assassin, while doing his grim job, is impartial and answers to no one: nobles, industrialists, poor, merchants, or bandits. No matter who they are, if someone is willing to pay the right price, then someone else has the right to die. However, the Empress is totally different. Her homicide is inexplicable even for Daude, but he doesn’t have the stomach to stab her in front of her daughter, Emily, and her protector, Corvo.


This time, his actions have many consequences and several unanswered questions begin to bother him. Only the Outsider can provide the answers, but his words are cryptic and hint at a young woman named Delilah who can decide Daude’s fate.


During the three missions available in this DLC, we follow the path outlined by the Outsider and accomplish our fate without delving into Daude’s story at all. It begins to feel like this was just an excuse to get players to re-install Dishonored.


Most of the questions that Delilah brings into the game remain unanswered, in anticipation of the next DLC that will definitively close Daude’s story. But when you reach the end of The Knife Of Dunwall the confusion and loss will be huge. Fortunately, the three missions of this DLC are pretty fun to play, and allow us to go through the entire arsenal of an assassin.

“The entire DLC requires only about three hours to complete”

While Corvo became a disciple of the Outsider against his will, Daude is a highly trained assassin. A true master, and nobody is better than him in killing people quietly and quickly.


To distinguish Daude from Corvo, Arkane Studios wisely substituted some of the powers used by Corvo. We have the possibility to call an assassin to fight for us and catch the attention of the guards for a while, and we can use a deadly electric mine that shocks everyone.


These changes, however, create a slight imbalance in the game, and make it more chaotic. We now have more instruments of death and less ability to sneak around the enemies, which forces players to kill everyone before moving on. The number of deaths and alarms heavily influence the end of the game, so we have three different chaos-based endings to the DLC.


The Knife of Dunwall will appeal mostly to those players that enjoyed the original Dishonored and want an excuse to come back in Dunwall. Each of the 3 missions featured is short, and the entire DLC requires only about 3 hours to complete. Another flaw of The Knife of Dunwall is Daude’s story. Exciting in the beginning, it soon teeters off and multiple plot holes are revealed.


In the end, The Knife Of Dunwall is a decent DLC but at the price of $9.99/€9.99, there’s very little in the way of value for your money. Regardless, those who enjoyed Dishonored will have 3 hours of with Daude and his assassins.

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I’m rather disappointed in Knife of Dunwall: there were all the elements for a good DLC, but the developers decided not to take any risk, creating a DLC that is only sufficient and offers the minimum required to be purchasable.
To conclude the Dishonored story we will have to wait for the next DLC announced before we get answers to the questions raised with Knife of Dunwall , but this DLC is a good expansion for fans, perhaps to be considered in a period of sale deals.

  • New weapons and gadgets
  • The same gameplay as Dishonored
  • Price too high
  • Very little content
  • Poorly narrated story
  • WorldsFactory

    Well, this is disappointing. The original game was absolutely brilliant.
    I can’t wait to see what Arkane Studios is doing next!


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