Jamie Foxx as Electro talks about being a superhero

In this news of April 17 we showed you some amazing shots of Jamie Foxx as Electro, taken from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets. Now the actor himself gives his opinion about his looks to the press, and he says he couldn’t be happier:


“Oh, man — it’s so much fun! The costume is great. They were very creative with it. It’s a couple hours of work (on the makeup chair), but it’s really so much fun. It’s part of a remarkable legacy: Spider-Man. I mean, when you’re growing up as a kid, you know, that’s everything. So to be able to be in that is just amazing. I’m just waiting to get to Comic-Con and see how people respond to it. Director Marc Webb is a genius and Amy Pascal and everybody at Sony have just been so gracious to allow me to have this opportunity. So it’s cool”.


If you don’t know who Electro is, the real character name is Maxwell “Max” Dillon (created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko) and was created by Marvel Comics in 1964. He was an electrician who gained lightning powers after a work accident. We’ll see him along with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Shailene Woodley in theatres starting May 2014.


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