Defiance free trial on Steam!

Defiance free trial on Steam this weekend!  Offer valid until 1pm PST on May 27th, 2013.  In a combined promotion from Trion World and Syfy, you can test run the game and then catch up on the critically acclaimed tv series this weekend.

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Defiance is the sci-fi, open world, third person shooter MMO created by Trion Worlds, in conjunction with the tv series on SyFy.  Steam will offer a free to play portion and a 30% discount for the full game.  Released this past April on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, the game has received mixed reviews.


As “Ark Hunters” enlisted to search for alien tech, players participate in side missions for cash, challenges against other “Ark Hunters”, and dynamic events called “Arkfalls”. Other features include character customization and a well developed weapons modification system.

Defiance’s appeal lies within its development as the first of its kind in transmedia video game and television series.  The series began airing April 15, on Syfy.  As players, you run alongside the main characters from the tv series, Nolan and Irisa, with content reflecting developments in the live-action series.


Produced by Universal Cable Productions, starring Grant Bowler and Julie Benze, Defiance has already been renewed by Syfy for an additional 13 episode second season.  In joint promotion with the Defiance free trial on Steam, the first six television episodes will air back-to-back this Monday, May 27th from 4-11pm on Syfy.  In addition, the episodes and a feature recap will be made available on Video on Demand, as well as online viewing on

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