Dying Light announcement – Survival horror by Techland

Clearly, E3 is very close. Warner BrosDying Light announcement was just issued: it will be a open world, first person survival horror (zombie themed) game developed by Techland. The Polish software house is well-known by zombie fans for their work on the Dead Island series, but we also have to remember that they worked on Call of Juarez as well, of which a new game, Gunslinger, is releasing shortly.

We have some screenshots and even a short trailer!


The game will feature a day/night cycle which is labeled as “game-changing”. In fact, during the day players will be able to roam and scavenge without too much trouble, but at night the toughest zombies will come out and look for you. An interesting twist is that the characters (you can choose from a roster of four, similar to Dead Island) are not immune as common practice, but rather infected and supercharged by the virus, so much that they will apparently gain “super-powers” at some point.

dying light_logo

Visuals got a nice upgrade as the proprietary Chrome Engine reached the sixth version, bringing many improvements such as DX11-only features to the table. Crafting and ruthless first person combat also make a comeback from Dead Island series, but the promise of free running movement similar to Mirror’s Edge is exciting to say the least, with characters able to:

swiftly navigate the world by seamlessly leaping between buildings, grappling up walls and pouncing on unsuspecting enemies

Dying Light will release in 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Enjoy the trailer!


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  • http://www.worldsfactory.net WorldsFactory

    I loved Dead Island. This seems very exciting and a step in the right way, although what I’d really love from them is a zombie themed MMORPG!

  • MarcoBoschini

    “your character is also infected, so he can detect the undead”….ok, this look pretty bad to me. Why don’t make a real zombie survival game for once, as an actually harmless person? I will play this anyway, but i want to say it’s already not very convincing.

    • http://www.worldsfactory.net WorldsFactory

      MarcoBoschini True, though at least it seems more survival than Dead Island in other regards. Anyway, there are plenty zombie survival games incoming very soon, don’t worry Marco ;)


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